South bank of the River Thames, below Tate Modern, SE1 9TG
15.10.2016 — 16.10.2016

Tied explores interdependencies, connections, negotiations; between women and the elements, each other and their work. Six women, dressed in the mixed, muted colours of their environment, take their position on the banks of the River Thames at low tide. Mindful of the rising waterline, they pursue their task with intense concentration. Collaboratively, co-operatively, and bringing their own individual style to the task, they honour traditional methods to create a sea-green fishing net; which gradually widens as they weave, simultaneously entwining their stories into the fabric of the web. Artist collective XAP have been working collaboratively since 2007, combining performance, traditional art media and new technologies in their experimental projects.

— Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh, Laura Dekker, Angela Mellen, Ana Oak, Liz Sergeant, Dina Varpahovsky (XAP Cross Arts Projects) & Sasha Burkhanova, 2016.

(Photographs: Joe Mellen, Chris Creen)