No Space Like Home

27.3.13 - 5.4.13
Hanmi Gallery, London

Due to its ability to be capitalised, artists’ daily routine and experience is being turned into the means of art-production. The private overlaps and compromises with the nonscheduled working hours in sake of ongoing art-work. However, it is the artists’ awareness and agreement on the situation that attracts the curatorial interest. Such awareness reveals a more complex layer for addressing the economy of advanced capitalism in art, where even the personal human concerns and self-irony of the artists is being transferred into the tools for ongoing working process.

  In their practice the four featured artists – Adrian Nettleship, Ang Song Nian, Jinwook Moon and Oliver Lee Terry, look into the key aspects of art-workers’ private life – personal object-hood, home and daily experience, forced into the domain of art-production. Thus, the artworks appear as documentation for the artistic enquiry, representing the humdrum moments of being as a challenging and motivating case for art/sociological study.

  The exhibition is structured as an interactive game-like journey, so the visitors are invited to travel through the artistic daily grind and its evaluations from the view-point of an insider, to share the artists’ sensations and concerns on a personal level of conversation through the artworks.

— Sasha Burkhanova, 2013.

(Photographs: Alex Anikina, 2013)