25.6.2014 - 3.8.2014
National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow

Dreaming Machines is a project inspired by the human dream of creating artificial intelligence. We will not be looking at the machines designed to mimic human mind, or the machines as brain enhancements, fast-connected to the collective memory of Internet. Our focal point is the sentient machine itself, its logic, behaviour, imagination, appearance and psyche.

However diverse and complex our systems of language are, there are no words to describe the radical otherness of the sentient machine directly or indirectly, as anything that could relate to human experience is inapplicable to it. The exhibition explores the ‘terra incognita’ of conscious machines through artistic metaphors, allegories and allusions.

The practices of six emerging artists - Alex Anikina, Louise Beer, Patrick Goddard, Sang Jin Kim, Rubi Kwon and Gareth Owen Lloyd - explore what happens if we put the possibility of free will, love, logic and independent judgment in a familiar equation of a calculating mechanism. Will this twilight zone, never fully grounded either in human laws or in machine reality, produce at least a hint of what an artificial mind would be like?

— Sasha Burkhanova, 2014.

(Photographs: Egor Slizyak, 2015)